Episode 11: On the Red Couch

We’re mixing it up here on the Simply Apple podcast, recording this week’s show live from Las Vegas (where Mark lives). In this week’s show, Eugene and Mark talk about wireless data usage, the iTether drama, the Xtreme Mac inCharge Duo (a hardware review), and Blast App. If all goes well, we will also be posting the video from today’s show later in the week!

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We again want to thank Silvio Rizzi for not only developing the best RSS reader for all of your Apple products, but also for generously providing promo codes for all of his great applications!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 11: On the Red Couch

  1. Just checked out your podcast for the first time (the Vegas edition)

    Here is a bit of an obvious tip.. but last weekend I had a chance to use iTether in a hotel situation. I had it running on a MacBook Pro, and then I activated the Internet Sharing… and then my wife could surf on her iPad all thru the Tether app.
    I don’t need to tether a lot, so I’m really happy I scooped the Tether app for the occasional use. What AT&T should do to get people to switch to Tiered plans, is to throw in Tethering without cost. They could have Tiered plans starting at 1 Gigabyte, and upward. That way they can control the abusers, and give an incentive for people to switch to tiered.

    Keep up the good work!

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