Episode 16: Off By 4 Billion

Eugene and Mark put Apple’s recent earnings in perspective, and discuss iBooks Author, iTunes U, and defining your own Mac shortcuts/hotkeys. The Apps & Applications portion of the show covers several great Mac & iOS apps as well.

This week we ask our listeners to think about how you use your Macs, and what types of things you do that are repetitive, whether it involves emails that are strikingly similar to one another, a series of steps involving different apps that you repeat once a day or once a week, renaming/resizing/moving files, etc. Our next show will focus on automation and different ways to automate your Mac to improve productivity and efficiency, so please let us know through the feedback form on the Simply Apple website or through twitter what types of actions you’d like to automate on your Mac.

As always let us know what you think of the show, structure, or content using our Tip/Feedback form on the Simply Apple website or follow us on twitter @simplyapplepod.

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